Ride on the Wave----Honestar Taiwan Branch Office is officially established

January 10, 2014 is a very important day for Honestar, for this day is the time that Honestar Taiwan Branch Office was officially established, and also the first step that Honestar steps beyond mainland.

Since establishment in 2000, the sales of Honestar have been spread over China, and the sales network of whole company has covered more than 20 first-tier cities, including Shenyang in North China, Guangzhou in South China, Hangzhou in East China, and Chengdu in West China, etc.

At this time, the establishment of Taiwan Branch Office is the first step for Honestar to realize its vision of “China Agent, Serving for the Whole World”. Then, the company will actively develop Taiwan market in terms of consumer electronics, network communication, security & protection technology, LED lighting, industrial control, and smart home, etc. Meanwhile, the company will make Taiwan market form an effective supplement to domestic market and hope that more products under agent of Honestar can be promoted to larger and wider customer group in a better and quicker way, and also hope that the concept of Honestar “Deliver Moving through Services” can have a wider propagation in the region except for mainland.

In the future, Honestar will actively explore the overseas market on the basis of good development of Taiwan Branch Office, hoping that more foreign customers can enjoy the high-quality services provided by Honestar – a Chinese local agent.