Product detail

Holzer sine wave controller solution:

My company research and development of high power without Hall sine wave controller is designed for electric bicycle, electric tricycle design, using the sine wave vector control technology; it is a kind of high efficient, steady, low noise, and easy installation of the controller for electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric scooter, electric tricycle, etc.;

Our company provides the solution, sampling the advanced no Holzer vector algorithm, can give the motor enough force, a very good solution can not make the same, at the same time, my company's program has real energy recovery function, can be in the car brake when the kinetic energy recovery, effectively extend battery life, reduce energy consumption.

Product parameters:

Fault detection and protection, can be identified by the LED flashing code fault; battery voltage real-time monitoring, battery voltage is too high or too low will stop work; reliable current detection and protection of over current protection; real time temperature measurement and protection;