Product detail

No you Huo DC inverter washing machine solutions:

DC inverter washing machine is the main motor of the washing machine can be variable frequency driven brushless DC motor; frequency conversion washing machine with energy saving, ultra low noise, variable water flow, high dehydration speed and other characteristics, frequency conversion washing machine in the function of the biggest feature is that the mute effect is obvious. Rotational speed can be adjusted according to the weight of the clothes, so as to effectively reduce the noise and vibration. In addition, the effect of frequency of washing machine in the water, the electricity saving is also very good.

Product parameters:

Input power: AC220V 20% or V AC110 20% (50/60Hz);

Washing machine specifications: 5kg--15kg;

Maximum input current: 6A (RMS);

Maximum output power: 500W, 800W;

No you Huo vector control;

Protection: over current protection, overload, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, motor stall, etc.;

Speed: wash the highest 900rpm, dehydration is the highest 3000rpm

Speed control accuracy: +-10rpm;