Product detail

Continuously provide customers with high quality mobile power solutions and services. M6P521 single chip solution is the representative of the 5V/2A output series model.

Its 5V/2.1A output, IC highly integrated, fewer external components, simple processing, external MOS, excellent performance, cost-effective.

- small ripple output, 2A output, ripple 100mV;

-- the conversion efficiency is high: the output of 1A is 93%, the output of 2A is 90%;

- standby current is very low: 3uA;

- the adaptive charge, the charging adapter driver is not enough, to reduce the charging current;

- adaptive discharge, over the rated power, the output voltage decreases;

- versatility: charging marquee, flashing lights, flashing lights, not a flash discharge resistor configuration;

- Safety Protection: output short circuit, over current, battery voltage are protected, IC built in OVP, OCP module;

- compatible with the standard configuration: single button, 4 LED power, lighting control;

- automatic shutdown, automatic load detection, side charge and discharge.